montage of cartoon-yoo cartoons

About Cartoon-yoo caricatures

CARTOON-YOO caricatures offers you and your friends (or enemies) the chance to be immortalised in cartoon caricature by professional, award-winning cartoonist Al Nisbet, as seen in the Christchurch Press New Zealand.

Each drawing is an original, hand-drawn one-off illustration, as unique as your own features. Your facial characteristics will be captured and exaggerated in ink, a small body will be added, then the whole drawing will be computer scanned, coloured and emailed back to you.

Anything you want added to the cartoon caricature can be included, such as the person's interests like golf, gardening or fishing or even their occupation. The options are limitless!i want one


By receiving the finished caricature by e-mail, it will enable you to print out, duplicate, enlarge or reduce, scan onto T shirts or business cards or whatever. You can even frame them! Surprise your friends or family with a unique gift that you won't buy in any shop!


Yes. I can draw your whole family and even your pets! This can be done as a group shot or separate drawings. I can also draw each member of the family separately and then place them all together in a group caricature. If you prefer an original, hand coloured family portrait, this can be arranged as well.